Our Top Cannabis Stock Pick

When our site launched on January 1st, 2017, we chose OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp (OTC QB: OWCP) as our ‘Top Cannabis Stock’ of 2017.

On January 3rd, OWCP had opened the first trading day of the year at $0.1815 and closed at $0.176. At it’s peak, OWCP saw 1679.61% gains on February 22nd when they (briefly) hit $3.23 — which we can only speculate was a flood of volume following the news that the Agrosphere ETF was submitted to the SEC (on February 16th) and would include OWCP. After all, CNBX had the same crazy volume and share increases on the same day and they were also included in that same ETF news release.

Even so, now being half way through 2017 — OWCP closed at $0.605 on July 3rd, which still represents a gain of 233.33% from the opening price on January 3rd when we published our “Top Cannabis Stock Pick”.

We remain very Bullish on OWCP because just recently, they’ve signed a deal with Germany-based mediq. Beyond that, they’ve filed for Patents in the USA as well as Europe as a means of protecting their Intellectual Property so they can continue discussions and negotiations with manufacturers and distributors without worrying about their formula being ripped off.

Furthermore, they announced the continuation of their Multiple Myeloma study on May 3rd, stating it should be completed by the end of Quarter 3 — which they say they designed to pursue and secure FDA orphan designation status. If their research proves to be more amazing than the last round (See bottom of Page 4 of the 2016 10-K), this could be a huge catalyst for Q4.

Shareholders are still waiting to hear about the next step for the Sublingual Tablet too. First, OWCP must assign a ‘condition’ to the tablet. Our guess is Fibromyalgia, which LeafScience.com talks about Cannabis as being the best treatment for.

We’ll have to wait and see, but OWCP management has executed on most everything they’ve talked about. We have every reason to believe things will continue to work towards success of their ultimate goal — clinically proven medical Cannabis products for a variety of conditions.

We should know more within Q3 as to when their first product, a Topical Cream for the treatment of Psoriasis, will be officially sold to consumers.

(Last updated July 2017)

Disclaimer: We still have never been compensated for anything we’ve ever done or written about for any company – period.